The Greene County Tennis Association hosted the 14th annual Greene Central Summer Classic USTA L4 Junior Tennis Tournament on July 17-18 at the Greene Central High School Tennis Complex.   Play was completed at approximately 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night.   All play after 3:00 p.m. on Saturday was rained out.     We had 71 singles entries and 15 doubles teams in the tournament.

Tournament Scenes


Girls 12's          Jennifer Potts/Frances Reed                     Girls 12's Doubles Champions        
Girls 18's          Abigail Armstrong/Meredith Armstrong      Girls 18's Doubles Champions
Boys 12's          Klein Evans/Banks Evans                         Boys 12's Doubles Champions
Boys 14's          Jonathan Tseng/Harrison Tseng               Boys 14's Doubles Champions
Boys 16's          Dylan Cuddington/Mark Reed                  Boys 16's Doubles Champions

Boys 10's          Foster Evans            Boys 10's Singles Champion
Boys 12's          Brandon Wacaser
Boys 14's          Klein Evans             
Boys 16's          Matthew Hammond
Boys 18's          Jonathan Tseng        Boys 18's Singles Champion
Girls 10's          Jennifer Potts
Girls 12's          Tiffany Pyritz
Girls 14's          Ashton Walker           Girls 14's Singles Champion

Girls 16's          Lauren McCorquodale
SECOND PLACE (Finalist or Runner-Up)

Boys 10's       Manu Gorrepati
Boys 12's       Siddhan Pal
Boys 14's       Matthew Pruitt        
Boys 16's       Dylan Cuddington
Boys 18's       Ben Swope              Boys 18's Singles Runner-Up

Girls 10's        Abigail Forbes
Girls 12's        Victoria Dixon

Girls 14's        Chandler Freeman
Girls 16's        Mia Schneider
Girls 12's          Victoria Dixon/Martha Williams              
Girls 18's          Brittany Colie/Samantha Taylor
Boys 12's          Revanth Bobba/Michael Houser                      
Boys 14's          Jack Cavanagh/James Reed
Boys 16's          Hunter Stevens/Dakota Morgan       

Boys 12's       Revanth Bobba
Boys 14's       Jack Phillips
Boys 16's       Mark Reed
Girls 16's       Emma Edge

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