Snow Hill Fall Futures Tournament 2010

The Greene County Tennis Association hosted the 14th annual Snow Hill Fall Futures USTA L5 Junior Tennis Tournament on September 11-12 at the Greene Central High School Tennis Complex. We had 45 singles entries and seven doubles teams in the tournament.


Boys 16's          Joshua Byrd/Alex Dunzweiler        Boys 16's Doubles Champion
Girls 14's           Mary Thompson/Chandler Brice    Girls 14's Doubles Champion
Girls 12's           Julia High/Elizabeth Gay              Girls 12's Doubles Champions


Girls 16's           Katie Gurley          Girls 16's Singles Champion
Girls 14's           Summer Jacobs     Girls 14's Champion      
Girls 12's           Kate Hawkins        Girls 12's Champion
Girls 10's           Margaret Barstow  Girls 10's Champion
Boys 16's          Will Hoff               Boys 16's Champion
Boys 14's          Matthew Outlaw    Boys 14's Champion 
Boys 12's          Alex Renfrow         Boys 12's Champion
Boys 10's          Peter Gleen           Boys 10's Champion

SECOND PLACE (Finalist or Runner-Up)
Girls 16's        Brittany Colie             Girls 16's Runner Up
Girls 14's        Jennifer Byrd             Girls 14's Runner-Up
Girls 12's        Julia High                  Girls 12's Runner-Up             
Girls 10's        Faith Baker                Girls 10'S Runner-Up
Boys 16's       Alex Dunzweiler          Boys 16's Runner-Up
Boys 14's       Colby Kirkpatrick         Boys 14's Runner-Up
Boys 12's       Jonah Pollone        
Boys 10's       Manasvi Gorrepati       Boys 10's Runner-Up
Girls 14's         Tanner Brice           Girls 14's Consolation Champion
Boys 16's        Micheal Lappin         Boys 16's Consolation Champion
Boys 14's        Allen Jordan            Boys 14's Consolation Champion

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