Tennis for Life Tournament 2011

The Greene County Tennis Association will be hosting the fourth annual Relay for Life Mixed Doubles Tournament at Greene Central High School on Saturday, April 9th from 9:00 until 1:30.    Players do not have to be members of USTA to play, and entry will be restricted to the first 16 teams who sign up.   The deadline for entry is Tuesday, April 5th at 9:00 p.m.   Here's an application: RelayforLife11.APP(2).rtf (698,3 kB)
Morgan Britt/Sam Overby
Kayla Radford/Hunter Thigpen
Brycen Radford/Johnley Fostanes
Danielle Dillane/Layne Carraway
McKenzie Mixon/Stanley Barrow
Hannah Potter/Michael Potter
Caitlin Deans/Bynum Walston
Brittany Colie/Shayne Colie
Jan Cannon/Chris Cannon
Lindsey May/Josh Cannon
Taylar Keel/Quentin Thigpen
Taylor Hill/Christian Langley
Ryan Griffin/Joseph McCrary
Lindsey Holloman/Jamie Holloman
Chasity Holloman/Don Holloman
Terin Carraway/Lee Carraway

Seeded teams
#1  Brittany Colie/Shayne Colie
#2  Kayla Radford/Hunter Thigpen
#3  Taylar Keel/Quentin Thigpen
#4  McKenzie Mixon/Stanley Barrow

First Round Matches at 9:00 A.M.
Colie/Colie vs Griffin/McCrary
Cannon/Cannon vs Deans/Walston
Mixon/Barrow vs Hill/Langley
Dillane/Carraway vs Carraway/Carraway
Keel/Thigpen vs Radford/Fostanes
Potter/Potter vs Britt/Overby
May/Cannon vs C. Holloman/D. Holloman
Radford/Thigpen vs L. Holloman/J. Holloman

All players need to report to the courts no later than 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 9th!   All teams will play four matches on Saturday.  Rounds will be played at 9:00, 10:00, 11:30, and 12:30.

First Round Results
Colie/Colie d. Griffin/McCrary 8-0
Deans/Walston d. Cannon/Cannon 8-6
Mixon/Barrow d. Hill/Langley 8-0
Dillane/Carraway d. Carraway/Carraway 8-2
Keel/Thigpen d. Radford/Fostanes 8-1
Britt/Overby d. Pottter/Potter 8-0
May/Cannon d. C. Holloman/D. Holloman 8-2
Radford/Thigpen d. L. Holloman/J. Holloman 8-0

Second Round Results
Colie/Colie d. Deans Walston 8-1
Dillane/Carraway d. Mixon/Barrow 8-6
Keel/Thigpen d. Britt/Overby 8-2
Radford/Thigpen d. May/Cannon 8-3

Cannon/Cannon d. Griffin/McCrary 8-1
Carraway/Carraway d. Hill/Langley 8-1
Potter/Potter d. Radford/Fostones 8-3
C. Holloman/D. Holloman d. L. Holloman/J. Holloman 8-3

Third Round Matches
Colie/Colie d. Dillane/Carraway 8-1
Keel/Thigpen d. Radford/Thigpen 8-6
Carraway/Carraway d. Cannon/Cannon 8-3
Potter/Potter d. C. Holloman/D. Holloman 8-1
Mixon/Barrow d. Deans/Walston 8-0
May/Cannon d. Britt/Overby 8-4
Hill/Langley d. Griffin/McCrary 8-3
Radford/Fostones d. L. Holloman/J. Holloman 8-1

Tennis for Life Tournament Results 2011

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