GCMS Blanks C.B. Martin to Remain Unbeaten

10/06/2011 08:26

The Greene County Middle School women's tennis team, coached by Terin Carraway, remained unbeaten with a 9-0 win at C.B. Martin on Wednesday, October 5th.   The Lady Rams improved to 4-0 with the victory.
Caitlin Deans (GC) d. Kaylyn Norville (CBM) 8-4
Brycen Radford (GC) d. Jessica Hudson (CBM) 8-2
Mckenzie Mixon (GC) d. Victoria Modlin (CBM) 8-0
Morgan Britt (GC) d. Jileama Leary (CBM) 8-0
Lindsey Holloman (GC) d. Lyndsey Harrison (CBM) 8-0
Hannah Potter (GC) d. Kaylee Butler (CBM) 8-0
Deans/Radford (GC) d. Norville/Hudson (CBM) 9-7
Mixon/Britt (GC) d. Modlin/Leary (CBM) 8-5
Murphy/Holloman (GC) Harrison/Butler (CBM) 8-1
Peyton Hare (CBM) d. Ryann Griffin (GC) 8-5


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