The Greene County Tennis Association hosted the 17th annual Greene Central Fall Championships USTA L4 Junior Tennis Tournament on November 16-17 at the Greene Central High School Tennis Complex.  We had 86 singles entries and 22 doubles teams in the tournament.

Boys 12's     Rained Out

Boys 14's     Lucas McLatchy/Patrick Senior  Boys 14's Doubles Champions               
Boys 18's     Michael Mills/Jim Mantyh  Boys 18's Doubles Champions     
Girls 12's     Helen Alvis/Tiera Jarmond Girls 12's Doubles Champions

Girls 14's     Cynthia Xiao/Elizabeth Qian Girls 14's Doubles Champions
Girls 16's     Jillian Hobbs/Huda McGraw Girls 16's Doubles Champions      

Boys 10's    William Peacock  Boys 10's Singles Champion    
Boys 12's    William E. Hill   Boys 12's Singles Champion                        
Boys 14's    Banks F. Evans   Boys 14's Singles Champion                 
Boys 16's    Nicholas Grewe  Boys 16's Singles Champion

Boys 18's    Justin M. Panepinto Boys 18's Singles Champion
Girls 10's    Peyton Philemon Girls 10's Singles Champion
Girls 12's    Helen Alvis       Girls 12's Singles Champion

Girls 14's    Makayla M.Mills  Girls 14's Singles Champion                    
Girls 16's    Jillian M. Hobbs  Girls 16's Singles Champion                 
SECOND PLACE (Finalist or Runner-Up)

Boys 12's     Rained Out            
Boys 14's     Revanth Bobba/Miles Hirchak Boys 14's Doubles Runner-Ups
Boys 18's     John C. Cook/Donovan T. Lilov Boys 18's Doubles Runner-Ups

Girls 12's     Alice Holding/Louisa Holding   
Girls 14's     Sophia McGraw/Makayla Mills  Girls 14's Doubles Runner-Ups         

Girls 16's     Emily Bowerman/Taylor Freeman 

Boys 10's     Harrison Baynard   Boys 10's Singles Runner-Up
Boys 12's     Naveen Reddy        Boys 12's Singles Runner-Up
Boys 14's  
  Revanth Bobba    Boys 14's Singles Runner-Up
Boys 16's     Jefferson Hobbs   Boys 16's Singles Runner-Up
Boys 18's     Jack L. Pyritz    Boys 18's Singles Runner-Up
Girls 10's     Esha Agarwal                  

Girls 12's     Teria Jarmond  Girls 12's Singles Runner Up                
Girls 14's     Alice M. Holding  Girls 14's Singles Runner-Up         
Girls 16's     Huda M. McGraw   Girls 16's Singles Runner-Up           

Boys 12's     Rushi Kakkar     Boys 12's Singles Third Place    
Boys 14's     Holland Baynard    Boys 14's Singles Third Place
Boys 16's     Michael Mills     Boys 16's Singles Third Place
Boys 18's     Jim Mantyh  Boys 18's Third Place
Girls 10's     Kristen Colie   Girls10sThirdPlace
Girls 12's     Lilly Aranyos  Girls 12's Singles Third Place
Girls 14's     Cynthia Xiao Girls 14's Singles Third Place
Girls 16's     Taylor Freeman
   Girls 16's Singles Third Place

Girls 14's    Beatrice Holding/Frances Reed 

Boys 12's    Ryan Xiao      Boys 12's Singles Consolation Champion
Boys 14's    Lucas McLatchy     Boys 14's Singles Consolation Champion
Boys 16's
    Donovan Lilov   Boys 16's Singles Consolation Champion
Boys 18's    Eshaan Javalkar  Boys 18's Singles Consolation Champion
Girls 10's    Brianna Viets    Girls 10's Singles Consolation Champion
Girls 12's    Macy Morrison  Girls 12's Singles Consolation Champion
Girls 14's    Julia  High      Girls 14's singles Consolation Champion       
Girls 16's    Elizabeth Qian   Girls 16's Singles Consolation Champion



Girls 14's   Victoria Jones    Greene Central Fall Championships 2013

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